Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meg Pie, Too!

Kelly's friends gave her a shower at Meg Pie, Too in Cartersville.  It was this morning (Feb. 26th) and it was absolutely precious.  They really went all out.  Everything was wonderful - the atmosphere, the food, the friends.  Just a great group of girls.  So glad Kelly has them as friends... they are adorable!

Laura, Lori, Carreth and Kendall

Yummy homemade goodies and awesome diaper cake!!

One of Kendall's students made this plate - cute!!

Close up of the diaper cake.

Nicole is expected a baby girl in July.  She is a doll!

Such great friends from college - love 'em!

Me and my Baby Girl

The Kellys.... Kelly and Kheli AND Tucker - he is soooooo cute and was perfect the whole time!

Nicole, Carreth and Lori

Laura, Kelly and Kendall

Mackenzee - just a hoot - Kelly's friend from high school.

Mary Kate and Kendall

Friday, February 25, 2011


I love my friends.  I have the best ones EVER!!!  Some of them threw Kelly a baby shower at Los Reyes.  We had the best time.  Just a few pics.  Will post more later.  Thank you, FRIENDS.  LOVE YOU ALL!
Sweet Little Baby Clothes!

Me and My Most Precious Angels

Sissy gave me a book for Baby Cade - his first book!!!
Emma!  Love her - she really got into this shower business!
Love the monogram - Cade Pendley McFarland

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

27 Dresses... I mean 27 DAYS!!

27 days until my Baby Cade is due!!!!! Cannot.... absolutely CANNOT WAIT!  I am so excited... and "we", meaning Me, his Mom and his Dad are ready for him.  Kelly dreamed about him the other night. Sweet.  She'll be wishing for dreams in about 4 weeks.... no rest for the weary! ;-)
Here is Kelly's belly as of February 22nd:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Saturdays

As I have said before but it is worth saying again: I love, love, LOVE Saturdays.  This has been a great weekend. Kelly, Heath and Kari were here for dinner last night (fresh salmon on the grill, roasted asparagus and potatoes, stuffed pork tenderloin).  It was delicious.  Then we all went to Kelly's house so Kari could see Baby Cade's room and all his goodies.  Kari came back to our house and we caught up on Facebook - fun!!  She spent the night.  We had good coffee and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Had some good mama/daughter time.  Love my girls!!!  Then, after Kari left and after just a "wee bit" of housework, I jumped in the bed to watch the Oprah shows I had recorded.  Fell sound asleep!  Oprah, you failed me.... couldn't hold my attention! Anyway, it has been so relaxing.  Here are just a few more kitty pictures for your enjoyment (and mine, too!):

This is A.J. (short for Asshole, Jr.)
Mr. Astor - he is 14 years old and acts like a kitten.  So sweet!

Junior, Lily and Muff - on the hot tub getting warm

Brenda - admiring her pretty self in the mirror downstairs.  Such a Queen!

Monday, February 7, 2011

CPS Shower

Wow!  When CPS gives a shower - they don't mess around.  I couldn't believe all the people and the gifts.  Such a great group and so thoughtful.  A special thanks to Sabrina, Marsha, Yvonne and Sharon.  Y'all are so sweet to MY baby!!

Marsha hostessing

Lots and Lots of CPS Employees!!

Lots and Lots of food!

The "Kelly Smile"

The "I don't know what this is Smile"

The "I'm meaner than a junkyard dog Smile"

So many cute presents!  Thoughtful bunch at CPS!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hot Tub Confessions

Kari and Jason are in Colorado with their friends, Wendy, Joe, Scott and Mark.  Why didn't they take me, you ask??  I just don't know.  Can't imagine why not!!  Just kidding.  They are having a great time.. skiing, eating and, obviously, hot tubbing.  Wonder what stories are told in those hot tub confessions??  Love 'em!

Kari and Mark.... I don't think I would ever want to get out!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Shower

Wow!  I just got home from the most awesome baby shower EVER!!  It was UNREAL!  It was for Kelly and Heath given by Heath's relatives.  It was at their country home near Fairmount.  Beautiful home.... even the barn was beautiful.  We had lots and lots of good finger food - all fixed so pretty.  I loved, loved the chocolate fondue fountain and the cupcakes were delicious... had Cade Pendley McFarland's initials on each one.  Sweet!  That whole family is so thoughtful and generous... Kelly and Heath are blessed.  
Here are a few pictures.

Kelly Boo and Gumball aka Kendall

Cupcakes - Yummy!!!  Beautiful fresh hydrangeas... one of my favorite flowers.

So beautifully displayed and tasted wonderful.

Lemonade and tea

Me and Kelly (I'm holding Cade)

My Aunt Bonnie, Gran-Gran and Me

Katie and Cindy - our precious friends.

That baby boy is already getting spoiled and he hasn't even gotten here!!!

Lots of nice presents

The hostesses - sweetest family ever - so gracious!
Loved this sign in their kitchen!!

The barn - AMAZING!!!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Jet Setters

Just look where my daughter is..... in the snow.  We've had more snow in Georgia than in forever and where does she go?  Where there is more snow.  Go figure!!  They look like they are having FUN!