Monday, October 6, 2014

More random pictures from summer and fall 2014

Two monkeys having a blast!!!

Like father, like son.

Jud in the car, of course, and showing his "shiner".

Baby J's first hair cut - 2 years old!

Sweet pic of Kari and Jud

Cade and Kelly at Kendal's baby reveal.

Feeding the ducks

Jud at the park

Cade at the park

Fall 2014

Cade listening to his tummy like mama does!

Fall 2014 at Hillcrest Orchards

Baby Judson driving  the Big Green Tractor!

He really didn't care for this pony!

But.... they love Gagi and I love them!

Holding the chicks!

This might be an improvement for me!

Cade driving that Big Green Tractor

Cade and Ahni