Monday, June 20, 2011

What we've been up to...

Playing with Baby Cade, of course... and gardening... and enjoying our pool.  FUN!

Baby Cade sleeping with his monkey blankey.

Loves his bath.

Kelly and Kim on pool day.

Matt & Kim

Heath's 25th birthday.
Baby swinging.

Grandpappa time.

Great GranGran and Cade

Lemon petunias... they have been beautiful.

My favorite bird house

I love this planter... got it at a local antique store and Danny painted it.

Father's Day and more

This blog has been neglected.... Cadealicious has been our focus.  Here are some pics from Father's Day and more:

Grandpappa and Cade... he was ready for the BOTTLE!  Cade, that is. ;)

Heath and Cade - 1st Father's Day

Ani Pahnani and Baby C.

Love it!

Danny's Father's Day gift from all the kids... He loves it - was out early this morning enjoying "HIS" chair!