Monday, December 12, 2011

More Thanksgiving pics

We had to have Thanksgiving a week late... Danny and I both had stomach virus - yucky!!!  BUT... I picked Mom up and we went to Jeff's house and had a great time.
My precious girls - love them dearly!!!

Baby Cade - an absolute BLESSING!

Such a happy little guy!

Ani Pahnani a.k.a. Kari and Baby

Heath, Jeff and Baby C doing an gymnastics move! ;)

Mama and Judy Girl

My niece -Sweet Christine and her presh husband - Billy

Jason receiving "pettin" from Kari

Great Uncle Jeff and Baby C

Oops... Christine wasn't quite ready. ;)

Ahhhh... that's more like it - pretty girls!!!

Christmas 2011... so far!!

We have started out this Christmas season with some "sickly" moments... Baby Cade had RSV and was at home all last week... I am home today (12/12) with sore throat, fever and runny nose. ;(((  Hopefully we'll all be better soon.  We did feel good enough to go see Santa Claus with Baby C. and I LOVE HIM!!!!