Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing with kitties

One of my favorite things to do until BABY CADE arrives.... play with kitties.  Now y'all all know I love these babies but I am NOT the one who lets them in the house.  Danny does - he calls out, "Your babies are in the house".  Then I play, then out they go.  They better enjoy b/c when BABY comes, they'll have to stay outside!
Okay... she's not a kitty but she thinks so.
Playing with laser light... Brenda, Lily, Muffin & Jr.

They are having a ball on my furniture!

Taking turns.... so polite.  The brindle fat cat is Brenda.  Kari told her she was ugly so she growls when Kari comes around.  Kari growls back!

So entertaining!

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