Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Saturdays

As I have said before but it is worth saying again: I love, love, LOVE Saturdays.  This has been a great weekend. Kelly, Heath and Kari were here for dinner last night (fresh salmon on the grill, roasted asparagus and potatoes, stuffed pork tenderloin).  It was delicious.  Then we all went to Kelly's house so Kari could see Baby Cade's room and all his goodies.  Kari came back to our house and we caught up on Facebook - fun!!  She spent the night.  We had good coffee and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Had some good mama/daughter time.  Love my girls!!!  Then, after Kari left and after just a "wee bit" of housework, I jumped in the bed to watch the Oprah shows I had recorded.  Fell sound asleep!  Oprah, you failed me.... couldn't hold my attention! Anyway, it has been so relaxing.  Here are just a few more kitty pictures for your enjoyment (and mine, too!):

This is A.J. (short for Asshole, Jr.)
Mr. Astor - he is 14 years old and acts like a kitten.  So sweet!

Junior, Lily and Muff - on the hot tub getting warm

Brenda - admiring her pretty self in the mirror downstairs.  Such a Queen!


  1. Oh what beautiful kitty pictures! Love the story of your Saturday. I missed my nap today, but I sure needed it. Emma, Carter, Amanda, and I made valentines (assembly line).

  2. Okay, I see Asshole Jr. Now who is Asshole SR.?

  3. Ha! He's long gone... but she looks exactly like him! These are all strays that we feed, except Mr. Astor.

  4. love it! Happy Valentine's Day Suzy Wuzy Cuzy!! Love you!